Nail Art Foil Decoration Set in Starry Sky

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This kit includes:
2 Nail Foil Glue

20 Rolls Nail Art Foil Stickers(0.98*39.37in)

Makartt nail foil glue is made from natural resin which is a kind of green friendly environmental material, with strong adhesion, pairing up with our colorful decoration stickers, help you DIY your unique foil nails design, make your nails like a beautiful art painting.

Note: Nail foil glue should be cured under LED/UV nail lamp for a perfect foil result(UV lamp for 1-2 mins; LED lamp for 40-60secs) ; Using with durable top coat can prolongs the foil result in daily life. You can foil a little part first to distinguish the front and back of the foil sticker. You can simply use alcohol or nail polish remover to remove the unsatisfied foil results and foil it again.

Nail Art Foil Decoration Set in Starry Sky
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