"Mini Curator" Min USB Curing Lamp

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awsmcolor is the sister brand of Makartt, while Makartt leads the field in poly nail, awsmcolor has gel polish covered. Along with gel nail polish awsmcolor also has a whole bunch of easy-to-use, compact and adorably functional gel nail accessories.

Mini USB Nail Lamp is awsmcolor’s packs-a-punch, super functional, travel friendly nail lamp for those who need to simply flaunt it while on-the-go!

This chic, lightweight nail lamp turns on when you press down on top, and turns off automatically after 60 seconds. The compact design is thanks to its fold out standees, retractable for easy storage and portable usage. One touch to turn on with the built-in automatic timer is safe and easy to use.

awsmcolor’s Mini USB Nail Lamp is compatible with gel polish, nail resin, poly nail gel, builder/nail extension gel. This nail cures gel polish and poly nail gel at a low heat to protect your cuticles and hands.

This is the perfectly thoughtful gift for nail aficionados, preparing for all the on-the-go touch ups to their nail creations in a super sleek, portable design.

"Mini Curator" Min USB Curing Lamp
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