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Sweet Cravings 4 Color Nail Extension Gel Kit
ALL IN ONE POLY NAIL GEL KIT – Makartt’s 2021 Spring Collection “Sweet Cravings” is a collection that consists of 4 Color Poly Nail Extension Gel Starter Kit, 6 Color Gel Polish Set, Nail Accessories and Décor. Inspired by delicious...
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Sweet Cravings 6 Color Gel Nail Polish Set
MAKARTT’S SWEET CRAVINGS GEL NAIL POLISH KIT – Vibrant long lasting gel polish for base & topcoat finish, UV/LED light soak off 6 pack Gel Nail Polish Set Gift Box for Salon Quality Finishes for beginners. HIGH SHINE, SPRING GEL...
$26.00 $22.00
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120/240 Double-Sided Nail File Set (10pcs)
Excellent Nail Filing Tools- Makartt black nail files work quickly to trim or shape the acrylic nail with your desired shape or length. They are also perfect to remove poly extension gel or fake nails, and suitable for Pet Grooming!...
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True Queen 6 Color Gel Polish Set
  Awsmcolor is the sister brand of Makartt, while Makartt leads the field in poly nail, awsmcolor has gel polish covered. awsmcolor gel polishes come in a variety of super saturated awesome colors, so that you can simply flaunt it...
$21.00 $18.00
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